Project Description


Markets have been at the heart of communities for centuries and to this day provide opportunities for people in both urban and rural communities to trade and socialise in public and private spaces. They make a positive contribution to the local economy, support local enterprise, promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles and serve as gathering and meeting places for people of all ages, socioeconomic backgrounds and interests.

Our Cottage Markets aim to achieve all of the above with a fresh, vibrant and inclusive approach. They aim to assist communities to develop from the inside out so that each village/town creates a market that reflects the diverse skills and interests of its local people. They work in harmony with other community initiatives towards cohesive community development. They promote community spirit and support the development of grassroots enterprises.

Thanks to Ulster Bank and The Ireland Funds the 20 communities will soon be home to brand new homemade and homegrown hubs! Amicitia was chosen as one of these new hubs and our Cottage Market will be launching in our social centre very soon with full details to be announced online.